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The MeatyBone Competition
The Meaty Bone Competition
This League type is a poolmutt favorite! You and your friends will pick from the entire rotation of games, college and pro, mix and match to what they like. The object is to be the entry at the end with the HIGHEST WINNING PERCENTAGE against the spread. Players choose between 3 and 5 picks every week, if they should forget to pick any week, they get an automatic 0 wins and 3 losses. Strategy comes into play with the number of games chosen especially towards the end of the season. We rank the entire group in the standings so all places are tracked for your convenience. Bones = Locks of the week!

Create This League
League Cost: Free. (this is why the site has ads)
Season Starts: Week 1 of College Action or whenever you want to start it.
Season Ends: The completion of the week of the College Football Bowl Season.
Game Winners: Ranked by highest winning percentage.
Choose between 3 and 5 College and Pro Football games using point spreads.
Leauge Commissioner Tools to boot/lock entries, adjust other league member's games if needed, view all entry's emails and names and more...
League Home Page with space for Commissioner to write articles and wrap-ups if they so choose.
Automatically send invites from the site when you create a league or just email on your own with a simple URL to pass on or use the league's name and league password.
Players can pick and modify games up until kickoff of each game.
Picks cannot be changed once game kicks off and games are viewable for others in the league to see after kickoff.
League Message Board.
Players can put comments next to every pick they make and picks and comments can be viewed by all in the league once that game kicks off.